R & D


All the molds and plastic injection products we produce are parts of a completed whole; While we are preparing these pieces, we are producing them by imagining the whole. In this way, we work with zero tolerance in the whole process from analysis to assembly by predicting the problems that may occur in the final product.

These stages from product design to delivery are followed meticulously. Before starting the mold design, the moldability analysis of the part is prepared and the design strategy is determined, the analysis and tolerances of the part to be produced are checked. The preliminary design of the mold is shared with the customer, taking into account the information texts on the technical drawing and the features of the machine to be produced.


Our engineering department; It provides the support you need in industrial design, analysis and calculations, prototyping, testing and controls, costing and transition to production. The amount of the product to be produced, the place of use, the machine to be produced, etc. By considering all the necessary factors for production, such as optimal quality (+1) and size mold design, a cost balance is established. Errors that may occur in production, such as distortions, depressions, and gaps, are intervened while they are still in the design phase. Product and mold design are prepared in 3D-CAD environment by utilizing static strength, flow, filling and temperature analysis sub-engineering programs.


We produce in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 international systems. The mold and plastic injection parts we manufacture; We make dimensional measurements and controls one by one with appropriate calibrated tools and equipment. The parts produced according to the measuring ranges determined by the quality control form are controlled. Periodic controls are made at every stage of production and the mold making chain is prevented from being disrupted. Changes made on the mold, plastic injection or part are recorded with the product revision form. By writing a serial number on each piece of measurement; It guarantees to provide mold parts with the same size and tolerance even years after delivering the molds to our customers.