Plastic Injection Production

Tales Plastik has been producing molds and injections with its quarter-century experience. The business discipline that our founders have achieved by managing global brands for years has ensured that we are always one step ahead in understanding and meeting customer expectations. We carry out plastic injection production in our 11000 m2 production facility in Manisa, with 24 injection machine equipments of 2500 tons/year, with an average machine model age of 5 years. We work with our stable, talented and experienced staff with a minimum of 12 years of experience in production.

Our company's services include "Reverse Engineering, Design, Mold, Plastic Injection (160-700 tons), Screen Printing, Assembly, Packaging", which has a very comprehensive production range according to customer demands, based on a full service understanding. In our production facility, where all products between 50 gr-3 kg are produced, molds are produced from scratch, and a mold of an existing product is also produced. Before the production of an existing product, production follow-up and quality tests are carried out to prevent: • Burr, • Air Bubbles, • Color Fluctuation and many other production errors that may occur in the production of plastic injection; In addition, the use of raw materials that will increase the cost is eliminated. Thus, all revisions are carried out by our expert staff and production is ensured. Our use of the robotic system during the production phase ensures that all work is carried out with zero tolerance compared to manual production (product loss, damage, etc.). In this way, production is always made with the same quality and precision, regardless of unit production or million production. We can produce deflection of 0.002% in engineering products that require high precision. Being aware of the importance of Traceability, not limited to production, Tales; It makes complete stock and production tracking with barcode.

Producable raw materials: PP, ABS, Glass fiber added raw material, Pc, PA, Crystal raw material